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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are here: I agree with you. They are beautiful and they know how to make a man happy. How do I know that? Even Google knows it. And yes, I met her online. Product Quality. Ease of Use. Value for Money. The Main Pros. More than 2. The Main Cons. You need a premium membership to follow in my footsteps Not every girl on the site can speak English Some of the girls in traditional countries are not interested in casual dating.

I promise you one thing. How this Asian dating site helped me to date girls in 5 different countries. How many messages I received within 24 hours and the exact response rate. How to set up your profile and contact hundreds of girls within less than 10 minutes. I Sent Messages to Girls from 11 Countries. A gentleman never tells. Be honest. The question is: Can you find such a woman on Asiandating. Have a look at some of the girls I chatted with: A cute year-old Cambodian student who wanted to know the name of my hotel A year-old business woman from Hong Kong who looked serious but sexy A year-old Indonesian makeup artist who obviously knows her craft A year-old Thai girl who lives 20 minutes away from me Psst!

These are just a few examples of the girls you can meet on Asiandating. I sent messages. That's the only reason why I joined this dating site again.

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No review without proof and because you deserve proof, I messaged girls from…. I did it with German Efficiency: I joined Asiandating. I contacted only girls who can speak English. I asked every girl if she wants to go on a date with me…in the first message. I will land in Phnom Penh on the 24 th of February. Would you go on a date with me? The best thing is that they are into Western guys with Christian values.

And that they are looking for a serious relationship. I could share a lot more messages like this one: Well, what can I say? I look very young for my age. On AsianDating, I had a different experience. I received messages like this one from traditional Malay girls…. It works like gangbusters. The Philippines is still the easiest country to find a girlfriend or wife. Even the girls who travel a lot and have seen something from the world want to meet men like us.

In this country you are in demand.

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The result: I think I can take this as a yes…. I had to know it. I had to find out if this Asian dating site works in my home. This AsianDating review made me even more excited. Just look at this amazing message…. These girls really want to meet Western men. You already know that. But do you also know where this Asian dating site works the best? Malaysia China Singapore Japan Taiwan. Do you know why? They do their best to protect their members from scams. They allow you to report any message that looks suspicious. None of the girls I chatted with asked me for money.

The high response rate, the normal replies and the fact that I met my girlfriend on a Cupid Media site prove that the girls are real. Just look at how beautiful she is. And you will. I received messages and I shared more than 20 of these messages with you. None of them! It was worth it because it proved something that I already know. Contact the Cupid Media support team. What if you think that one of the girls tries to scam you? Well, use your common sense and do NOT…. Even though there's no need to report a cute message like this one.

You can join for free. You can look at the profiles of millions of beautiful Asian girls for free. You can send interests and messages for free. You rank below all the men who have a Gold and Platinum Memberships. You can choose the Gold Membership: Or you can choose the Platinum Membership: Because I chose the Platinum Membership, I enjoy the following benefits: I have a fancy VIP profile highlighting that attracts girls like shit attracts flies.

How do I do that? What if you are a free member or a Gold Member? Here are the pros: The site has more than 2.

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As soon as you have a premium membership, girls will contact you. Most girls reply and most do it within 24 hours. One message can be enough to get a date. The monthly membership options are affordable and there are no hidden costs. The Advanced Search function allows you to search and find girls in every possible Asian country. Have a look at the cons: Without a premium membership you are like a fish without water.

Not every girl on the site can speak English. This brings me to the following question: Is it the best Asian dating site? The answer: What if you only want to date girls from a particular Asian country? You want to date girls from all kinds of different Asian countries?

Asiandating.com Review | Is it Worth Your Time?

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a hell of a ride…just like I did from to Now I prove it. Once you are on the homepage, you have to do three things. You type in your first name or a nickname You choose a password You type in your email address. Well, you want to date Asian women.

That means that the right profile picture… 1. I know that you can do it. What do I mean by that? You can also choose…. How good her English skills are. How educated she is. How religious she is. Your Interests besides Asian Women I know that you have yellow fever. Then share it! The Personality of a Man with Yellow Fever What are the secret ingredients to an unbeatable personality profile on this Asian dating site?

Honesty Humor Balls of steel. My profile is honest and at least somewhat funny. I just forgot the cheeky smile. I think that says it all. Let me know. The more members online, the harder it is to find the perfect girl, right? What if you want to have even more girls to choose from? It stops counting once you get more than 99 messages. I already found the woman of my dreams online. I know how fulfilling a relationship with a traditional Asian woman can be.

I know how it feels when other men are envious of you because of your hot girlfriend. Do YOU know how it feels? If not, you must experience it for yourself…. Now, that doesn't mean you can't find a real one on there.. I have myself.. There are also plenty of IMO very unattractive girls, girls with kids I would have to imagine they're real, although I don't have first hand experience with them because I tend to not respond to them. The old saying if it looks too good to be true it probably is, was never more appropriate than for this site.

Be careful guys and good hunting. I'd like to add a couple more observations to my earlier comment. While scammers I reported earlier were removed, I've noticed the last three or four have not been. This includes profiles that are using pics of models found in a simple google image search. Also, one that had been removed popped right back up using the same picture lol.

I guess I'll just stop wasting my time reporting them and buyer beware. Im from philippines and as what i have read from the reviews here, i agree that there might be some of the ladies in the site who's only there for relocation or an easy way to go to other country or maybe for money let's say.

Not all are the same. We can actually find a decent lady or man if we'll just try to know them more. I just recently joined the site and met a guy from ireland last month. Now he's planning to come and visit me here in dubai. Although it'll be a short period of time, i still hope that it will be enough to know more about him. I never asked him about money or visa to come to ireland. I guess we cant really compare our experiences and we cant classify people based on what we have encountered. I hope it works out for me tho? Haha anyway im just sharing my experience.

The site was ok. We just have to be careful. Scammers will always be there, we just have to be careful. They all want the golden ticket to the US, but they are too lazy to learn any English. The philippino women will descend on you like fat piranha. How many attractive women are here. The answer is 2, and they can say hi!

Period, that's it You can't get any of these women back to the US because none of them can pass the consular interview. Don't be a chump! Oh, and there are internet scammers all over this site. Hold onto your wallet. I was here only couple hours then switch off my account. Oh man, i never ever experienced such of rude and uneducated like people in AD.

I had my real pictures and in my profile i also suggest people read my profile first befofe send message. And here we go, some man jumped in and in first message with no greeting or introduce himself. He said "if you want contact with me, don't ever ask money".

Or some man 69 years old send me message without shame. Gosh, please show some respect.

What a joke! I asked specifically for a certain age group and for women who live in Australia.

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All i have received is mail from older women who live overseas. I have written to AsianDating twice about this with no reply. The arrogance of these people is astounding. Long story short, i paid for a three month membership and met my Filipina fiance in about a week after joining. My biggest regret is paying for three months instead of just one.

We're now working on getting her a K1 visa. Reading some of these 1 star reviews I live in the USA. My girl has never been to the USA and didn't have the money to travel, or feel comfortable traveling alone to meet someone she never met in person. I had to go see her in her country first. If you get involved with a foreign girl, you might have to do likewise. Overall, the website makes it pretty easy to communicate and the paid membership fees are about on par with other dating websites I've seen.

I don't know how likely you are to meet someone local, but there's plenty of foreign girls interested to meet a western man. This site isn't perfect by any means but I found my current girlfriend on this site and have met many other good women on this site before I met my girlfriend! Yes there are scammers and bad people on this site but you have to use your common sense and choose wisely if you decide to choose to use this site!

Good Luck! I have just paid for 5 days. Everytime i joined and want to chat with people, it always asks upgrade. Been using all kinds of dating sites to meet asian women and it turns our that there were only two sites which were not 1 Expensive 2 Fake 3 Exensive and Fake Not saying that those sites will bring you what you are looking for but at least they worked for me and did not leave me broke and scammed. First time I join dating site and only reason find some lady for married and only I know just fake people fake pictures and fake and fake and lie and lie I paid my one year membership and still every single time I sign in asking for upgrade and block my setting part please before pay for this crap think you just waste your money and time.

Good luck. I am a 19 years old girl that likes old man,I dated a 38 years old man from Ireland and he living in Perth,Australia. I was on my last day of period but he still hooked up with me. I was there being confuse, because I think it called "raped" when there's unplanned sex and he didnt wear condom. I still like him even he changed.. I started to being so confuse. STD everywhere. I am an asian Victim of him. I joined this site for a one month trial in January of I am currently fighting to get this refunded as I never authorized automation renewal They use a fradulent process to do this and then do not respond to your dispute..

Just as hard is to get your credit card to repatriot your funds They use misleading and downright fraudulent practices. This site defines 'you live and learn what not to do'. Stay away from this site! Loaded with fake profiles and girls trying to get you to link to sister sites that cost even more money. Most are easily identified by a reverse image search. But many are not identified. This site is on big SCAM. I am happy I found this site.

I thought there was something wrong with me. I joined AD about 3 years ago with a one year membership. I coversed with several people but got busy and did not have time to meet anybody. I took a year off and tried again. This time I did actually meet a nice girl from the Philippines. She was very expensive flying back and forth to see me and her money for school, famly issues and sick cow did take a lot of money.

She then ended up going to the USA. Since then I have been in contact with 3 lovely ladys. The first two are in Manila and we made plans to meet and see if we liked each other. I got to Manila and received a text from the first saying my aunt is having a birthday and I cannot make it.

This is after a 14 hour flight and did not sit well with me. The second one I was going to meet had to schedule the next day as she suddenly was asked to work a Saturday evening. I did not hear from her for a week. I have just started making plans with a third person. She is from CDO, so she needs to fly to Manila.

All was going well, she sent her name and I found flights.


Of course, all of a sudden, she has decided to book the tickets because she got a better price. She was right, her price was only half what I could find. All I need to do is send her the 4, peso and she will book and fly to see me. I think maybe most of these ladys from the Philippines are just playing. Good luck to all just do not kick out the cash The site is clearly set up to entice men to engage in conversations that give some hope of meeting them and when arrangements are set up for them to come to your country, they ask if you will pay for their visa and their flight and on and on.

noroi-jusatsu.info/wp-content/2020-11-18/759-geolocation-using.php The photos are mostly taken by professionals and one can never know if they are photos of the actual person if there is one. It's a scam using disclaimers to protect the site from being sued. If you give one of the woman your email, the conversations begin with an "I'd like to know more about you" and, after two or three more emails back and forth, the woman is saying that you're her dream come true and talking about marriage. All they really want is to con you into paying for a flight to your country in order to be your partner for life.

Give me a break! I saw through the scam and have learned how to turn it around, making a great profit in the process. They still haven't caught on and I am still turning a profit. Without a doubt this is an absolute SCAM Lets pretend these are genuine beautiful Asian girls, you would spend more than an airfare from Australia to Thailand just getting to know them, due to the crazy credit pricing. I have read all the reviews and ones on other sites. First I will agree there are a lot of fake profiles. It takes a better effort from administration to clean this up.

Is it Free?

It also takes an effort from you to report them, even if you have to report it several times. Be smart. In two days I received over hundred messages or interests. However only 18 profile views. If they send you a message but haven't viewed your profile that is a scammer. Deleted or ignored all but the I believe all 18 are real people but over time discovered 17 of those to be scammers also. So out of over I found one genuine woman.

Will, I read your review and laughed because I had been through the same thing. Fortunately I did not send any money. It was amazing how similar the story. Good job, pretty but no sexy photos. Shortly after communicating all of a sudden she has a 30 day holiday in 15 days and would love to come spend it with you. Hahaha yeah right. You have to be a little smart guys and ask yourself questions as you weed through these situations.

Questions like "Why would a self respecting Chinese woman suggest to come spend three weeks with a man she just met on the internet? Unfortunately you have to look at every profile and all communication in a cynical manner.

Will you misjudge one or two? Maybe, but you will better protect yourself. Watch out for Filappina working in China. Tell them you would like for them to take vacation time in the Philippines and you will visit them there. Nope thay all want a tourist visa to come here.

Huge red flag! Gain knowledge on the US visa process. It will save you time and headache. First those girls will have to go back to the Philippines for an interview before a tourist visa will be issued. They will say no they know a way not to. WRONG check the state department website. Also, Chinese women who are single, do not a home, or a business, or have children will probably not get a tourist visa.

Be smart guys. Now as far as membership and money spent on the site. I paid for a one month membership and canceled before renewal time. I had no problem finding and canceling the auto pay. I received a nice email saying thank you and if I ever want to renew the profile just activate and pay the membership. So, no problems. I received what I paid for and they received only the money they were entitled. Good luck to all of you DJ. Deleting any profiles believed to be non-genuine.